I am a professor of Behavioral Science at IE University and IE Business School in Spain. I am also serving as Dean of IE’s School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Dean of Innovation & Behavior at IE Business School.

My work and interests center on Positive Leadership, and in particular, on translating and applying behavioral science to help professionals optimize their performance in the workplace.  Imagine an organization in which employees at all levels are able to out-think the competition… literally, over and over again.  This is a company with a behavioral advantage, and my professional mission is to help individuals and companies achieve this type of advantage.

My research, teaching and professional initiatives focus on two areas of Positive Leadership:

Rethinking Thinking

Behavioral science has demonstrated a wide range of fundamental limitations in human cognition.  I am interested in how these “mindware” limitations and related biases lead to reflexive, incomplete ways of thinking and unproductive ways of behaving — in the leadership and quick decision situations that managers face every day.  In this area, I teach executive workshops, graduate courses and undergraduate courses in behavioral decision making and psychology for managers.  My most recent research in this area has looked at how cognition and emotion interact to drive risky decisions based on experience.  I am also interested in simple training methods that can be used to reduce confirmation bias and narrow bracketing.

Behavioral Fitness

We don’t go the gym for a day and leave physically fit, and likewise, I don’t think that we go to work one day intending to change our behavior, and end the day behaviorally fit.  Research in positive psychology and the behavioral sciences provides a roadmap for how people can develop the workplace behaviors that matter most for their long term professional success.  My work  in this area centers on the concept of “behavioral fitness” which combines the science of habits and self-control with new self-tracking technologies and learning techniques such as mindfulness practice.  In this area, I teach executive workshops and graduate courses in positive leadership and behavioral change.

Experience.  Prior to pursuing my academic career, I served as an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company in Chicago and I was a founder and senior manager in two technology-based startups in New York City (Brainstorm Interactive, and HR One).

Education.  I completed interdiscplinary doctoral studies at the University of Michigan under the guidance of Dr. Thad Polk. My doctoral work combined Psychology (Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience) and Computer Science (Intelligent Systems). I also hold Masters degrees in Management (M.I.T. Sloan) and in Technology Policy (M.I.T. TPP) and a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (Brown University).


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