University of Michigan     Ann Arbor, MI

Ph.D., Psychology (Cognitive) and Computer Science (A.I.)  2009

Certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience  2009

Dissertation:  ”The mechanisms of choice under uncertainty: Revealing, characterizing  and modeling individual differences in the Iowa Gambling Task.”

Advisor:  Dr. Thad Polk

Dissertation Committee:  Thad Polk (Chair), David Meyer, Richard Lewis, John Laird, Satinder Baveja

Awards:  Marquis Award for Best Dissertation in Psychology, Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, Regents Fellowship

Completed interdisciplinary degree combining Psychology (Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience) and Computer Science (Intelligent Systems). Program included candidacy qualification in both departments with coursework spanning cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, and computer science.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology     Cambridge, MA

S.M., Management Science 1992

S.M., Technology and Policy 1992

Thesis:  ”The Performance of Learning Curve Strategies in a Disequilibrium Environment with Dynamic Demand”

Advisors:  Drs. Rebecca Henderson and John Sterman

Completed Masters program in Management with an emphasis on technology innovation and system dynamics. Completed interdisciplinary Masters program in Policy focused on the economic, social and political implications of science and technology.

Brown University    Providence, RI

Sc.B., Electrical Engineering 1992

Thesis:  ”A Neural Network Architecture for Speaker Independent Phonetic Speech Classification”

Advisor:  Dr. Harvey Silverman

Honors:  Degree with Honors, Magna cum Laude, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, G.H. Main Premium for Diligence in Engineering

Sports:  Freshman Crew;  Rugby