IE University

I am a full-time professor at IE giving executive training workshops and postgraduate courses across many of the schools within IE University as well as IE Executive Education, and the FT-IE Corporate Learning Alliance.


I design and deliver practical and actionable executive workshops for international clients on the topics of Managerial Decision Making, Positive Leadership, and Behavioral Fitness.  I work with junior professionals through senior and C-level managers. My workshops range from 1.5 hour brief introductions to multi-day training engagements.


I teach postgraduate elective courses and workshops ranging from 1 to 20 sessions. My courses use behavioral assessments to enable students to experience limitations, defaults, and biases in  their at-work behaviors as a foundation for learning how to develop more productive and higher-performance ways of leading themselves and others.  

Topics:  Behavioral Decision Making, Behavioral Fitness, Positive Leadership. 

Programs:  Executive Masters in Positive Leadership & Strategy, IE-Brown Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, International MBA, Masters in Market Research & Consumer Behavior, Masters in Corporate Communication.


I occasionally offer courses to undergraduate students on the topics of Statistics/Analytics and Decision Making.

University of Michigan

Prior to joining IE as a professor, I served as a Graduate Student Instructor at at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) in the undergraduate programs in Psychology and Computer Science. I taught over a period of ten semesters and for approximately 600 undergraduate students.


Psychology Instruction

  • Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (7 semesters; Mean Rating 4.91 / 5.00)

  • Introduction to Psychopathology (2 semesters; Mean Rating 4.88 / 5.00)

  • Introduction to Human Neuropsychology (1 semesters; Mean Rating 4.93 / 5.00)

Computer Science Instruction

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (2 semesters; eMean Rating 4.48 / 5.00)

Guest Lecturing

Invited lectures of 1.5 hours for the course Introduction to Cognitive Psychology:  Judgment & Decision MakingDeductive ReasoningVisual ImageryTop-Down PerceptionLanguage, Long Term Memory


  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (University of Michigan - 2006). Competitive teaching award given to twenty students across the university by the Rackham School of Graduate Studies. link

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (University of Michigan - 2005, 2006). One of three students recognized by the Department of Psychology for outstanding teaching. link

Student Mentoring

Goran Pavlov, IE Business School, Doctorate in Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management  2015
Thesis: “Intentional response distortion effects on personality scores in simulated personnel assessment settings: A moderation study”.

Eric Cuevas, IE University, Bachelor in Business Administration    2013/14
Honors Thesis: “Mindfulness meditation and positivity as a workplace performance enhancer ”.

Katherine Tan, IE University (visiting from Harvard University) 2010
Project: Developed managerial decision simulator “Engineers & Lawyers” based on seminal experiment by Kahneman & Tversky.

Tracy Ederer, UM Psychology Program    2008/09
Honors Thesis: “Revealing individual differences in decision-making behavior”.

Kristin Pearson (w/ Thad Polk), UM Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science Program    2006/07
Honors Thesis: “Individual differences in verbal working memory”.

Zachary Guren (w/ Thad Polk), UM Psychology Program    2006/07
Honors Thesis: “Testing the validity of a fixed history method for the Iowa Gambling Task”.

Sally Hollister (w/ Thad Polk), UM Brain, Behavior & Cognitive Science Program    2005/06
Honors Thesis: “Articulatory versus acoustic coding in verbal working memory”.

Service & Training in Teaching

IE University
Participant, Faculty Workshop: Leadership in the Classroom (w/ Mark Fritz) Feb, 2011
Participant, Faculty Workshop: Technology in the Classroom (w/ Enrique Dans) Feb, 2011
Facilitator, Student-Faculty Tertulia: “History, Psychology & the Politics of Money” 2010

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan
Facilitator, Training for New Graduate Student Instructors  2009
Participant, New Graduate Student Instructor Training, Department of Psychology    2004
Participant, New Graduate Student Instructor Training, College of Engineering  2003