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Dear CEO

I was asked to contribute one of the letters commissioned by Thinkers 50 for their recent book "Dear CEO".  In my letter, I discuss the idea of the Chief Behavior Officer.  From the publisher:  "This collection of specially-commissioned letters offers clear, calming and concise advice from across the spectrum of current leadership thinking. Written by respected business thinkers around the world, these 50 letters provide guidance, wisdom and personal insight into the particular challenges facing the business world today and anyone in a senior position".  ... read my letter  ·  buy the book


In conversation with Lee Newman

In an interaction with Lee Newman, Dean of IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, he suggests a new approach to leadership designed to achieve behavioral advantage - "an advantage achieved by building an organization of individuals and teams that think and perform better at all levels." ... read more

Getting "Behaviorally Fit".

Take two equally intelligent, well-educated professionals with similar years of experience and put them in similar organisations with the same budgets and staff. One consistently moves ideas forward and shepherds projects to success while the other becomes mired in obstacles, battles, and set-backs. Why? ... read more   (full article in pdf)

How Mixed Objectives can Sink a Meeting.

An executive – let’s call him Robert – has decided it makes sense to launch a new product. At the same time, he has gotten feedback that as a leader he needs to be more inclusive and empowering of his team. So he calls a meeting to communicate his decision about the launch, and to discuss implementation with his team. However... read more

Here's why behavioural fitness is important in high-conflict office meetings.

It's the end of a long day, and you're in a meeting you knew would be difficult. Anil doesn't like you very much, he likes your proposal even less, and he's trying to derail the meeting. And since you and Radhika are both vying for a promotion, she likely won't pass up this opportunity to poke holes in your ideas in front of the boss. It's another daily 'moment of truth'... read more

it Isn't What You Know at Work. It's How You 'Behave'.

Business schools don’t—but should—teach their students to become “behaviorally fit.” Employers are placing increasingly higher value not on what new hires know–and not even on what they are capable of doing–but on what they can actually get done. Daily. And in the fast-paced, high stress environment of modern business, what newly minted M.B.A.s ... read more


How to measure - and manage - employee emotions

Compelling research by leading positive psychologists like Barbara Fredrickson offers a new, and I think compelling message about the role that emotions play in the quality of our daily thinking and behavior. Employees experience a mix of positive and negative emotions every day at work...  read more


How to Override Your Default Reactions in Tough Moments  

“It’s 9:00am, you’re across the table from a colleague who doesn’t like you or the changes you’re proposing, she’s pushing all your hot-buttons and resisting your efforts to get her to support the change. What’s your typical reaction?” I recently posed this question to a group of executives...  read more


Rafael Nadal: My Executive Role Model

Perhaps you might not consider him an “executive,” but I’ll argue he offers an extraordinary model for today’s leaders.  Why? Because he is behaviorally fit, and this allows him to perform at extraordinary levels in the moments that matter...  read more   


How to Give Workers Better Feedback

A critical ingredient necessary for professional development is feedback, and I would like to see HR provide employees with more of it. But I’m not talking about quarterly feedback on job-specific skills and expertise, but frequent (if not real-time) feedback...  read more   


Use the New Year to Improve Your Behavioral Fitness at Work

Behaviors are what drive success in the workplace. The brilliant strategy will not get implemented, the great marketing plan may sit in a drawer, and the ingenious process innovation will likely be stymied if key colleagues are not included, listened to, considered, influenced, and ultimately won over...  read more

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Lee Newman is shortlisted for Thinker's 50 "Breakthrough Idea Award".


Lee Newman is Thinker's 50 "Thinker of the Month". 

Lee Newman shortlisted by Thinkers 50 as "On the Radar" for thought leadership in management, and shortlisted for the T50 Future Thinkers Award

IE's Executive Master in Positive Leadership & Strategy and Lee Newman mentioned in article "The Pursuit of Happiness in the Workplace" by The Financial Times.  

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Master Class Webinar:  "Behavioral Fitness: From Manager to Chief Behavior Officer"

Webinar for members of IvyExec. Feb, 2017   Video / Vimeo

Keynote:  Behavioral Fitness

Positive and Mindful Leader Summit.  September 22nd, 2016 at Ace Hotel, London.   Event


Master Class Webinar:  Behavioral Fitness for Managers

Interactive webinar for members of IvyExec. May, 2016. Video.

Training:  Presidents Institute, Directors Club Copenhagen -  Positive Leadership: Putting in Place the Conditions for High Performance

January 25, 26, 27, and 28, 2016 at Presidents Institute Copenhagen.  This is a three hour, hands-on training workshop in which participants will learn science-grounded concepts and techniques for creating the conditions under which employees and teams can perform at their best.  Event

Training:  Presidents Institute, Directors Club Oslo -  Habit Hacking as a sustainable approach for professional development

January 18th and 19th, 2016 at Presidents Institute Oslo.  This is a three hour, hands-on training workshop in which participants will use a neuroscience-based method to analyze a professional behavior they want to change and develop an actionable plan for "hacking" this behavior.  Event

Keynote Speaker:  "Behavioral Fitness"

Staff event, June, 2015, WTO, Geneva.

Training:  Presidents Institute, Directors Club Oslo -  Creating Conditions of Performance through Positive Leadership

October 24th, 2014 at Presidents Institute Oslo.  PI provides exclusive career development services to senior executives and board members, delivered with professionalism and rigorous execution.  Event

Workshop:  HR Summit US - Behavioral Fitness

HR Summit US brings together senior decision makers and business leaders to focus on Increasing HR’s Value in Consolidated Global Environments.  September 10th, 2014 at 9:45 - 10:30, Omni Mandalay, Dallas, Texas.  Event

Training:  Presidents Institute, Directors Club Copenhagen -  Creating Conditions of Performance through Positive Leadership

June 20th, 2014 at Presidents Institute Copenhagen.  PI provides exclusive career development services to senior executives and board members, delivered with professionalism and rigorous execution.  Event

Keynote Speech:  Behavioral Fitness - A New Approach to Professional Development

Do you need to be a psychologist to be a good leader? IEDP Leadership Development Summit 2014.  June 27th, 2014 9:00 - 4:30 at Royal Society of Arts, London. Senior leaders in L&D, OD and Talent gather together with thought leaders and business school experts for a day of inspiration, learning, and open, frank discussion about the science and art of leadership development.   Event.     Videos:  Teaser, Full

Master Class Webinar:  Positive Leadership

Positive leadership - lead, when it matters most.  Interactive webinar for members of IvyExec. March, 2014.  Website · Full Video.

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