My mission is to harness the power of science and technology to educate a new generation of leaders dedicated to human-centered innovation and positive change.


Our lives and our workplaces are being rewired, reshaped, and redefined so fast it can be dizzying. Now, more than ever, education has become the decisive factor that determines whether you are person who is able to drive positive change, or one who has to run just to keep up.


IE School of Human Sciences & TEchnology (HST)

I am currently the Dean of the IE School of Human Sciences & Technology. From Bachelors, to Masters and Executive programs, we offer a fresh and radically new approach to education for the New World of Work.

We are anti-disciplinary in the sense that we ask companies what unique sets of skills they need for the jobs of the future, and then we design educational programs to give our students these sets of skills. From training Experience Designers, to Cyber-Analysts, to AI Personality Developers – we draw on whatever disciplinary toolboxes are necessary to give our students what they need to succeed. (more)


Behavioral Fitness & Positive Leadership Training

Behavioral Fitness is a mindset for improving career performance by fine-tuning workplace behaviors, much the way we might train muscles in the gym.

Positive Leadership is about designing great employee experiences and putting in place workplace conditions that allow individuals and teams to perform at their best.


My Bio

I am a Dean, professor, and educational entrepreneur at IE University (Madrid). I was formerly a management consultant at McKinsey (Chicago) and a founder of two tech-based startups (New York City). I’m also a proud husband and father. (more)



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